Yes face cover.jpg

Yes Face

by the crooked mouth

Our sophomore effort. Twenty tracks full of goodness. Here are the first five. You can purchase and download the record in its entirety at uvulittle or cdbaby or itunes. 

"Yes Face is a terrifically good record. It travels on vocal harmonies and drums while it shimmers and jangles with strings. The drumming and bass are great, tempos and sophisticated time signatures change without fanfare, but rather with ease and confidence in a way the body experiences joyfully without having to filter it through the intellect."     — Jeff Dorchen   (read Jeff's review in its entirety here)

Jon Hain has this to say about it: "Yes Face picks up where their debut ended. A little less country, perhaps.. First, though, the recording is lovely. Simple, complex, beautiful... It breathes. Deeply. As expected, the vocal arrangements are well conceived and executed flawlessly by people with an obvious passion for such perfections. The instrumentation is tasteful - bringing banjo and bluegrass sounds to folky show tune-y (almost) rock numbers. There's a nod to the blues in there, too. Fun, serious, sad and furious. Actually, quite transcendent.

Treat yourself to some songs (there's 20 of 'em on there!) by one of Chicago's most creative musical outfits."

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