Beau on the Thanksgiving show

The Crooked Mouth is doing its second Holiday Concert at the Center Portion 2850 and a half W. Fullerton.  Yup, it's Thanksgiving Time: Saturday, November 19th  at 8:00pm. Maybe you think you have seen or heard everything that Jenny Magnus, Matt Test, Vicki Walden, Troy Martin, and Beau O'Reilly have to offer 'cause you saw us preparing to perform Still in Play at the MCA, or the Elvisbride at Martyrs, dancin' it up, or those wild Dog shows from a few years ago, or those Maestro reunions where we only mumbled thru missed lyrics a few times...well, you're wrong...! Cause we are going to do songs you have never heard, in ways you never heard 'em. Plus, we will play two sets and give away CDs to audience members with the letter Z in their names. Our new CD is via the UVULITTLE label out of Madison and there are songs on there even we can't remember how to play! Plus we have got the special guests...first up, LA DINK! in a rare appearance. Equal parts Buster Keaton and the chain-smoking 1950's swimsuit model that lives next door, La Dink will help you bust a gut and refuse to help you sew it back together.

Plus the vocal duo of Giselle Greenberg and Lena Brun, putting the charm in charming and the kid in kidding, plus our Center Portion hostess Sheila Donohue will read us a new thanksgiving poem. So if your a friend of Bill's, a lover of the Rhino, or just too darn lonely to get thru another Thanksgiving on your own, come to this show! We will have things to drink and eat and it is pay what you can. Where o where are you going to find a cooler deal? We'll be selling our new CD and we will autograph them for you!  Yes we will.