Rhino ending switcharoo, Feb 17

Rhino ending switcharoo, Feb 17

The Crooked Mouth waves goodbye to Rhino 2013 on Sunday, February 17th at 7:00pm, not the previously boasted about Sunday afternoon.

What does that mean? The show's at 7.

When is it? It's at 7:00!!!

Is John Starrs still in the afternoon? Why yes he is, he just starts a little later, around three thirty.

Will Scott Vehill be with John? Why yes he will.

When's The Crooked Mouth? IT'S AT SEVEN.

Can I do everything on Sunday, the closing day, that I want to do? Why yes you can, I think you can, I hope you can.

Did the rhino brain trust cause this schedule flux on purpose just to test my commitment to the project? No, they didn't. They are working night and day, using all the tools god gave them to make it work out for you and yours.

Can I trust the accuracy of this news? Yes. Yes. Absolutely.

Will they play anything special for me? We think they will, we know they will...so say we all.