Solstice-Hanukkah-Christmas-And-More Time

Beau wants you to know:

The Crooked Mouth is doing its third and final Holiday Concert at the Center Portion (2850 an a half W Fullerton).  Yup, it's Solstice-Hanukkah-Christmas-And-More Time on Saturday, December 17th at 8 o'clock. Maybe you think you have seen or heard everything by Jenny Magnus, Matt Test, Vicki Walden, Troy Martin, and Beau O'Reilly but think how they feel...they live with themselves year in and year out.

This is the end of this lovely time, so why don't you come and wassail us thru the shortest days of the year cause we are going to do songs you have never heard, in ways you never heard 'em. Our new CD is via UVULITTLE out of Madison (this is the last time i get to say it is our ''New ''CD, from now on it will be referred to as "Our" CD until it morphs into "The" CD, before bashfully accepting the "A" CD moniker). There are songs on it that would sound wild poring out of stockings or jumping out of boxes on Boxing Day!

We have got more special guests for this final show of 2011: Waterbug recording artist ANDREW CALHOUN, one of the tiny handful of master lyricists, singing with his guest CASEY CALHOUN. Our Center Portion hostess, Sheila, will do a Christmas Story, so if you got a Higher power walking with ya, or if you're an enthusiastic atheist who enjoys cold winter winds, or if you are prone to barefootin' no matter who's on the dance card, or if you are pretty darn sure that Santa Claus is still coming, we are the show for you!!! We will have things to drink and eat (Sheila makes this ginger tea that will make you reconsider all your health issues) and it is pay what you can. Kids are welcome.