Friday, this Friday, we are back in Constellation

Last December we had our Yes Face CD release festival at Links Hall. I say festival, because that is what it felt like. The atmosphere was full of celebration, and we had four thoughtful and talented artists perform their responses to our CD. It filled me up until I overflowed, and I came onstage all grateful and shaky, but had to pull it together for our sets. We played all of the songs live, in order, and Beau told the most beautiful and simple love story I've ever heard, and we played an encore of what was then a new song full of affection and blue language. One of the best nights of the year for me.

I harken back to this evening because in two days we enter back into that building for another show. We will be in the Constellation space this time, rather than Links, but my good feelings extend into those rooms as well. We are playing this time with Chris Schoen, who has his own anthem, Ryan Wright, who is the most relaxed electric guitar wailer-on-er I've ever seen, and Jim Joyce, who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, but I am confident he is full of delights.  Briavael O'Reilly will come out from behind the sound board this time to play trombone with us, and it may be flurrying outside, and there will be just the right kind of holiday cheer to surround us all.

I'll speak for the band for a minute to say that we all hope you can join us. Tickets are available here for only $10. And you know what else is $10? Our CDs, if you come to the show to get 'em.

Happy end of 2014,