Beau's upcoming gig

Saturday, February 25 —  8:00 PM Beau O’Reilly and Edward Reardon DEEP BALLADS AND ODD BLUES with Special Guest Willa Moore at Roots Salon 773.203.7661 or email

Private address call for reservation

“I am at my most joyful on stage, in a band, singin raw or sweet.” - Beau O'Reilly

Roots Salon presents a full evening of provocative and original music, at Jamie O'Reilly's house salon. Beau O’Reilly covers Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Greg Brown, and dances through his own dense and magical material, while poet-composer-improvisational artist Ed Reardon accompanies on piano and guitar.

Beau says "Jamie's place is the most cool and comfortable, a place where I can risk things old and new (me and Mr Reardon have never played in front of people before together), there's usually some coffee, cake and wine around, some soft couches full of smart people, so come and watch us take a stretch and work thequiet edge of things."

Willa Moore opens the evening with a set of original songs: highly theatrical compositions with brainy lyrics and surprising notions that provoke the listener, and stir the heart. With Ron Scoggin on guitar.

ps...Look for Beau's recent story in the January issue of Word Riot