December doings

We've got a busy two weeks in store. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we're remounting the Jenny Magnus opus, Still in Play: a performance of getting ready at Links Hall. The show was incredibly well-received at its MCA premiere in September, and translating it to the Links space (about 1/4 of the size of the MCA) has been a rewarding exploration of the value of flexibility. We're using every corner of Links Hall, a space that many of us have a long history with. Every one of those corners contains a memory for me personally, and I love working in there again. The past 20 years of my Chicago life have collapsed in on themselves this week—but in a good way. If you didn't catch the show at the MCA, come and see it now. If you did, come again. The change of venue makes new things pop. It's the same, yet different.


The Crooked Mouth is also playing its final show of 2011 at Center Portion on Saturday, December 17 at 8pm. We'll be joined by Chicago favorite Andrew Calhoun and his daughter Casey, and our hostess Sheila Donohue will offer another delicious piece of holiday-inspired writing. Bring the kids if you have a mind (and a stomach for colorful language)—the Thanksgiving audience was full of children, who continued to enjoy themselves long after they should've been in bed.

And if you're still looking for a copy of our CD, you can find it here or here, or come to the show!